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  • Before & After"Smart Cover is the concealing creme I've been searching for and I am so glad it's fragrance-free."-Nancy, New Jersey
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Also known as dermatitis, eczema is a persistent skin condition that comes in many different varieties. It causes the tissue to become red, dry, swollen or scaly. Eczema can make people uncomfortable and have a major impact on their appearance.

Individuals with dermatitis might wonder where it comes from. It isn't contagious, but family members may genetically inherit this condition. Allergies, stress and various irritants also trigger dermatitis. It often appears when the tissue becomes dry and lacks protective oils.

This ailment frequently produces itchy sensations. People with dermatitis may find it difficult not to scratch their skin while sleeping. It's important to avoid scratching; this makes the tissue more likely to bleed, weep or develop an infection.

In addition to discomfort, eczema can give skin an unsightly appearance. Many people use concealers to cloak red blemishes or scaly surfaces. However, some of these products have ingredients that worsen the irritation and make this condition even harder to cure.

Fortunately, Smart Cover offers a gentle concealing cream for customers with eczema. It's waterproof, easy to apply and contains no fragrances. This dermatologist-approved beauty product comes in six shades to match a wide range of skin tones.