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  • Before & After"I was thrilled that Smart Cover offered real skin-tone shades"-Melinda, Connecticut
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A combination of sun exposure and genetics causes freckles. Everyone has freckles, but they often show up more prominently on those with fair skin tones. Most commonly found dotted over the nose, cheeks, and forehead, freckles also speckle other parts of the body exposed to the sun's ultraviolet light such as the arms, shoulders, and legs.

Exposure to ultraviolet light activates melanocytes, the pigment or melanin-producing cells in skin. This reaction causes the melanocytes to produce more melanin, leading to dark spots known as ephilis, commonly called freckles, on the skin. These freckles often appear darker during warm months when skin is exposed to more sunlight and fade during the winter months.

While some choose to embrace their freckles and wear them uncovered, others feel freckles distract from inherent beauty, clouding the complexion. We designed our line of Smart Cover concealers to help individuals bring out and enhance their natural beauty. Smart Cover Concealing Cream, available in a range of natural skin tones to match any complexion, glides onto the skin in a smoothveil camouflaging freckles, blemishes, and other imperfections to create flawlessly even skin tone. Smart Cover Concealing Cream can be applied to the face, d├ęcolletage, shoulders, arms, legs, or any place freckles or other skin imperfections turn up to discreetly even skin tone, enhancing your natural complexion and beauty. Don't let freckles get in the way of your radiance!