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Lip Wrinkles & Lip Lines

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  • Before & After"I've tried many ways to keep my lipstick from bleeding into my lip lines, but nothing ever worked as well as Smart Cover Anti-Feathering Stick."-Flori, Flordia
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Sun damage, smoking and simple aging may cause the thin skin around the lips to lose collagen over time, resulting in fine, vertical lines and feathering lipstick. Making some changes to the way the lips and the skin around the lips is cared for can help minimize the appearance of these lines and help eliminate the feathery spread of the lipstick.

Tips for Coping with Lip Wrinkles and Lipstick Feathering

  • Protect your skin by using a good quality sunscreen daily; a good quality moisturizer designed just for lips and the surrounding skin will help as well.
  • Stop smoking – it’s tough to do, but breaking this habit can spare your skin. Smoking ages and dehydrates the skin, and the act of puckering up can make lip wrinkles even more prominent.
  • Use the Smart Cover Anti-Feathering Stick to condition lips and smooth lip wrinkles prior r to lipstick application. It will also create a , even surface and help prevent feathering and bleeding
  • Choose a neutral, lip shade with a glossy finish to enhance the appearance of the lips, and create a lush lip line with a matching lip pencil. Dark, matte shades make lips look thinand may be more prone to feathering.