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  • Before & After"I love Perfect Touch's creamy formula and the applicator brush really allows me to apply just the amount of camouflage creme I need."-Patrice, New Jersey
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Pigmentation is coloring. Pigmentation disorders affect the color of a person’s skin. Discoloration can occur in patches of skin or over the entire body, depending on the pigmentation disorder.

Melanin gives skin its color. Special skin cells make melanin. Damage or disease to these cells can affect melanin production. Cells that produce too much melanin cause skin to get darker. Producing too little melanin causes skin to be lighter in color. Sun exposure, pregnancy and Addison’s disease can cause Darker skin while infections, burns, blisters and albinism can cause lighter-colored skin.

While skin pigmentation disorders are not usually harmful medically, they can cause devastating emotional effects. Many people with skin pigmentation disorders experience emotional distress, especially if the discolored area appears on a visible area of the body. Blotchy skin can negatively affect self-esteem and confidence in people who have skin pigmentation problems.

Fortunately, concealing uneven pigmentation and blotchy skin is easier than ever before. Advances in cosmetics technology have resulted in the formulation of concealing crèmes that successfully camouflage uneven pigmentation and give skin a clean, smooth appearance. Smart Cover Camouflage Creme has a creamy formula and applicator brush that allows users to apply the exact amount of camouflage they need for long-lasting coverage without looking “cakey” and unnatural.

Using products like camouflage crème allows people with skin pigmentation problems to overcome the emotional distress associated with these skin conditions. Daily use of these products hides blotches and blemishes and can also boost self-esteem and confidence.