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Deep wrinkles typically do not strike until the mid to late 30s, but the attack of fine lines often occurs far earlier, with many women already spotting lines near their eyes long before they hit the big three-oh. Although the appearance of fine lines can be very nerve-racking for those who once thought they were immune to the effects of aging, good news awaits: these aggravating little lines can be easily covered. What's more, a combination of healthy habits and daily moisturizing can minimize existing lines, all while working to prevent new ones from forming.

What Causes Fine Lines?

Although aging inevitably delivers at least a few fine lines, this unfortunate skin problem may also be the result of poor lifestyle choices. Sun damage is a top culprit, particularly for those who fail to wear sunscreen on a regular basis. Dehydration adds several years to otherwise smooth, line-free skin. A poor diet can exacerbate fine lines, as can heavy alcohol and cigarette consumption.

Hiding Fine Lines

Fine lines can be surprisingly easy to treat; for many sufferers, all that is required is the daily application of a high-quality moisturizer. Not only can the right moisturizer plump the skin and reduce the appearance of lines, it also makes camouflage and anti-wrinkle makeup more effective.

For stubborn fine lines that do not immediately disappear following the application of anti-aging moisturizer, a vitamin beauty stick can be used to further nourish lined skin around the eyes and mouth. Additional coverage is available with the help of an opaque camouflage creme. Worn alone or with makeup, this crème provides excellent coverage for a variety of noticeable skin problems, including fine lines.

Fine lines need not be cause for despair. By adopting a healthier lifestyle and a targeted makeup routine, this early sign of aging can quickly be diminished.