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  • Before & After"Since I have such an active life, I needed to be certain that a concealer wouldn't rub off. Smart Cover's heavy-duty coverage really does the trick."-Tonya, New York
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If you have spider veins, you are probably extremely self-conscious of those little red, blue or purple veins that twist and turn across your skin. These vessels commonly occur on the face and legs due to a number of factors including heredity, obesity, exposure to ultraviolet rays, postmenopausal hormonal replacement and skin injuries/trauma. Spider veins can even occur in those who perform an occupation that requires standing for extended periods of time.

It is estimated that between 30 percent and 60 percent of all adults have either spider veins or varicose veins. These unsightly imperfections manifest much more often in women compared to men. Your spider veins don't have to ruin your self-confidence and limit the types of clothes that you feel comfortable wearing. Be proactive and implement the Smart Cover Concealing Creme. It is available in a variety of beige shades to match every type of unique skin tone. Smart Cover Concealing Creme will significantly conceal both major and minor skin flaws, including spider veins, throughout your body as well as your face.

Give Smart Cover Concealing Creme a chance and your spider veins will no longer be an embarrassing problem. You'll be able to wear short shorts and stand on your feet all day without those nasty twisting veins appearing along your skin. This revolutionary spider vein solution empowers you to live the active life that you've been dreaming of. Smart Cover Concealing Creme goes on silky smooth, spreads easily and dries to a comfortable matte texture without any annoying powdery mess. It won't rub off throughout the day, This fragrance-free, waterproof, smudge-resistant crème will help you enjoy a renewed confidence in your personal appearance. Smart Cover Concealing Creme is the dermatologist-tested, easily portable and highly effective solution to spider veins that you have long desired.