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  • "The best part about Smart Cover Concealer Cream is that it stays on until you take it off."-Allison, NFL Cheerleader
  • "I've tried other camouflaging makeup but nothing has worked like Smart Cover."-Mickey, NFL Cheerleader
  • "The first time I tried Smart Cover Concealing Creme I couldn't believe the results!"-Denise, Flordia
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Whether it's a tattoo you want covered because of regret or pragmatic reasons such as a formal business event, cover your tattoo the smart way. Why stick with the traditionally expensive and painful methods of tattoo removal when there is a painless solution that delivers results in seconds?

The plentiful before and after testimonials demonstrate that camouflaging makeup is the ideal way to cover and conceal a tattoo within seconds, saving you from the very expensive and very painful tattoo removal process. With Smart Cover, concealing a tattoo has never been more effortlessly simple. The Smart Cover concealing makeup is designed to match the natural tones of your skin, ensuring that the concealed area will look as natural as if you had never gotten that tattoo in the first place. This makes Smart Cover a perfect solution for both short-term tattoo concealment and long-term concealment alike.

Short-term concealment strategies are best for individuals who love their tattoo, but simply feel it would be out of place at a business event or a wedding. With the Smart Cover concealment strategy, you can simply cover the tattoo on special occasions while still keeping the tattoo you have grown to love. Rest assured that no matter how dark the tattoo may be, the Smart Cover concealing creme will help hide the evidence of a tattoo. Even better, for people with uneven skin tones near their tattoo, Smart Cover will provide the appearance of even, luminous skin.

For people that may wish they had never gotten their tattoo, Smart Cover is a great alternative to the painful and expensive permanent removal procedures. Simply make Smart Cover a part of your regular daily make-up routine, and you will enjoy the appearance of beautiful skin without any unwanted tattoos.