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  • Before & After"I was told about Smart Cover and I purchased it and tried it and it's fantastic! It's covered up the spots on my legs, and it's made my skin tone even and one color."-Lorraine
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Vitiligo is a disorder of the skin's pigmentation cells (melanocytes) responsible for your skin color. For reasons not fully understood, vitiligo produces white patches on the skin, inside the mouth and even on the retina due to destruction of melanocytes. Hair growing from skin affected by vitiligo often turns white as well.

Although dermatologists suspect that vitiligo may be some kind of autoimmune disease causing the body to literally attack itself (in this case, the skin and associated melanocytes), some think it may be an inherited genetic disorder that makes people more susceptible to melanocyte abnormalities and depigmentation.

5 Signs of Vitiligo

  • White patches developing on the body where sun exposure is greatest (face, hands, arms, lips and feet).
  • Patches occuring symmetrically, i.e., on the left and right side of the body. Less often, vitiligo may be segmental and appear on only one side or emerge in just a few, random areas.
  • May spread slowly or quickly or not at all. Following incidences of emotional or physical stress, vitiligo patches may increase in size in some people.
  • Initial white spots are typically seen on skin that is consistently exposed to the sun.
  • Edges of patches may become slightly inflamed and itch on occasion.

Treatment Options

Currently, topical corticosteroids, medications and light therapy are the only available treatments for vitiligo. However, these options offer unpredictable results that may or may not reduce visible signs of vitiligo.

Smart Cover Concealing Creme

Vitiligo can be a psychologically and emotionally devastating disorder, especially for those with white patches on their faces, arms and hands. To help people with vitiligo feel better about their appearance, Smart Cover has developed a dermatologist-tested, waterproof concealing creme that provides superior coverage of vitiligo patches. Smart Cover Concealing Creme presents a flawless, matte finish that resists smudging and fading and is available in a variety of shades that most nearly all skin tones. Can be worn as an all over foundation.