Conceal Stretch Marks

Hate your Stretch Marks?

Smart Cover can hide them so that you feel good wearing shorts, bathing suits and even bikinis again. Smart Cover helps hide the redness and discoloration and minimizes the rippled look of stretch marks. Your skin will look smoother, firmer and younger. If you want an easy, waterproof way to mask stretch marks, Smart Cover's concealing makeup has you covered!

Professional makeup artist to the stars, Christina Smith, swears by Smart Cover's powerful lasting formula. When she needs to make her movie stars look flawless, even from the neck down, she uses Smart Cover saying, "Smart Cover concealers are my miracle workers."

Why choose Smart Cover's concealing makeup to conceal Stretch Marks? Because you get coverage where you want it until you take it off. Our celebrated non-comedogenic formula is long-lasting, smudge-resistant and dependable. Other brands don't have the complete stretch mark coverage that only Smart Cover offers. Look your best for under $30!