Transgender Make Up

Gina Lance

Gina Lance wears Smart Cover

Your face in the first thing people see -- so why not make it fabulous! Smart Cover gives transgenders the coverage they need to conceal facial skin imperfections. If you want a flawless and complete way to cover 5 o’clock shadows and wrinkles -- Smart Cover's concealing makeup has you covered!

TG LIFE Editor-in-Chief, Gina Lance, swears by Smart Cover's unique formula when she wants to look flawless and fabulous. She says, "It really, REALLY works!"

Why should transgenders choose Smart Cover's concealing makeup? Because you get coverage where you want it until you take it off with Smart Cover! Our waterproof, non-comedogenic formula is long-lasting and smudge-resistant. Other brands don't give you such a complete coverage makeup in your best shade. Look your best for under $40!

In less than 30 seconds you'll conceal:

  • Beard Cover
  • Wrinkles
  • Age Spots
  • Dark Eye Circles
  • And much, much more...