Leg Cover

  • Before & After"I'm proud to say that Smart Cover has given me the freedom to wear whatever I like and never worry that my legs look older then I feel."-Flori, Creator of Smart Cover
Before & After Varicose Veins1

Why not feel comfortable wearing shorts or skirts this summer and make those unsightly varicose veins, spider veins and bruises go under cover?! The best part is that Smart Cover's Concealing Creme has a waterproof formula, so you can enjoy swimming in the pool or ocean. The same formula works for the face and the body.

Flori's secret for lasting coverage - Apply the concealing creme on your legs in an up and down sweeping motion. Don't feel you have to cover every inch of skin. Just get a nice, smooth finish. And for extra protection, Flori suggests spritzing a bit of water on your legs after you apply the concealing creme and allow them to dry down. After you swim, just pat them dry with a towel.

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